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Leather is a remarkable natural material with protecting and insulating properties. But different leather suit different types of gloves. For our dress gloves we have chosen to work with what is quite simply the finest leather in the world, both when it comes to the selection of rawhides as well as the tanning and dyeing. It is dyed all the way through for a superior feel and colour depth. However, this leather can also be sensitive to rain as it can leave stains and darken the colour. It is important to remember that no leather is “perfect” as it is a material that is not produced but rather made by nature. Every skin has its own structure and characteristics in the form of marks and occasional irregularities. Handling the unique properties of each piece of leather is perhaps the most important aspect of the cutter’s work and craftsmanship.

Take care of your leather

avoid rain and sources of heat

Let your gloves rest

use several pairs of gloves

Retain the original fit

stretch the glove periodically

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